More Reading

When Students Choose the ChallengeEducationalLeadership – November 2007

Differentiating by Challenge: Using a Tiered Program of Instruction in Mathematics – Chapter 11 in Making the Difference by William Powell and Ochan Kusuma-Powell

Teaching Math to Gifted Students in Mixed-Ability Classes

Heterogeneous Grouping Research Findings

Tiered Lessons: One Way to Differentiate Mathematics Instruction

Tiering to Avoid Tears

Is Differentiation the Answer to the Tracking Debate

Is Ability Grouping the Way to Go – Or Should it Go Away

Homogeneous or Heterogeneous: Which way to Go

Does Ability Grouping Help or Hurt

National Mathematics Advisory Panel Final Report

Differentiating Math Homework

The Impelling Principle in Challenge by Choice

Challenge by Choice Adventure Programs

Book Recommendations

Among others and in addition to the books below, the writings of John Dewey, Maria Montessori, John Holt, William Glasser, and Alfie Kohn offer timeless words of relevant educational wisdom.


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17 07 2010
Rob Stowell

Thank you!

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